Friday, November 26, 2010

Liquid Gold

I love Thanksgiving for two reasons, family and turkey stock! To those of you who just throw away those bones and skin scraps you are missing out on one delectable treat, it is so easy to make and is so very versatile. I use stock when I make soups, rice, gravy, stuffing, or anything savory that calls for the addition of water.  Yes you can go to the store and buy it in a can or box, but your also buying preservatives and a whole lot of sodium. My ingredients are simple turkey scraps, water, peppercorns, dried parsley, onion, celery, and carrots. I put everything in my largest pot, cover it, and set the burner to low overnight and I wake up to this.
Not really, I have to strain out this first...
Can we talk about that leg bone for a minute...I wonder if my Doctor could use that to fix my knee, its certainly big enough!

I pour off one container to put into the freezer and the rest makes soup for the day.

I hope you will try making stock this Thanksgiving. I promise you wont be sorry.

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