Saturday, December 4, 2010

My little library

I have always wanted a library in my home. I don't have that option so I have decided to put my book making skills to the test. I present to you some of the first of my miniature books.
They are all fully functional and just like their larger counterparts the hardcovers are sewn together and the paper backs are glued. The hardcovers are about an inch tall.
I have finished ten books so far, including two paperbacks, seven hardcovers, and one stab bound which was quite a task.
The largest book on the left(currently just the cover) is going to be a replica of a dictionary my parents have that I grew up using. I am not sure how I  am going to do the gold leaf lettering on it but I'm sure some inspiration will come to me.
Looks like my next venture will be into making book shelves to hold them all!

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