Monday, April 18, 2011

My Crochet Journey

   As a kid I always loved to watch my mother crochet, she was lightning fast with that hook and I was always baffled how she knew what she was doing. I asked her to show me once, but me being a lefty just made it too hard for her to teach me.

   About four years ago I was walking through a craft store and saw the box of Doodle Looms and I was a kid again seeing the commercial for the first time and wanting them so badly. I grabbed the box and some yarn and went home to make my first afghan. I tried so hard to motivate myself to keep making these little doodle things, but it was no where near as fun as the commercial made it out to be! this was all I managed to do...

   Flash forward to two years ago and I saw the Knifty Knitters looms and thought I would try my hand at those, I bought every size they made and more yarn thinking If one was large enough I might make an afghan. I managed some nice hats and scarves, but no way was I going to get anywhere on that afghan I wanted with them.

   Last year I thought I had my answer with a knitting machine...WRONG! Grin so, here I was last month looking through completed projects and saw a beautiful rainbow throw by Babukatotium and I decided I was going to learn to crochet even if it killed me. I started watching lessons on youtube and not even realizing it I was crocheting right handed and it was working. If your still reading my long winded story there is a happy ending...

I have completed an afghan!